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The table below is an approximate repayment plan for a $800 installment loan. This example loan is a 5 month loan with 10 scheduled bi-weekly payments. However, each loan may be different depending on your credit, your eligibility, and the repayment schedule you choose. The actual APR may be higher or lower depending on how quickly you repay the loan. You can pay in full or pay additional amounts towards the loan at any time with no penalties. DashCashUSA encourages repayment as quickly as possible to avoid finance charges. For further information, please send questions to service@dashcashusa.com.


Installment Loan Schedule
Loan Amount Number of Payments Total Finance Fees Total Principal Payments Total Payments Annual Percentage Rate
$800.00 12 $709.04 $800.00 $1,509.04 359%
Payment Number Due Date Total Payment Due
1 10/6/2017 $140.15
2 10/20/2017 $140.15
3 11/3/2017 $140.15
4 11/17/2017 $140.15
5 12/1/2017 $140.15
6 12/15/2017 $140.15
7 12/29/2017 $140.15
8 1/12/2018 $140.15
9 1/26/2018 $140.15
10 2/9/2018 $140.15
11 2/23/2018 $140.15
12 3/9/2018 $140.15


Loan Repayment

The first payment is due on your next pay date. The first payment will vary from the payment plan amounts depending on your effective date.

The last payment will vary depending on your remaining balance.

We accept two methods for repayment:

Payments can be automatically withdrawn from the bank account where the funds were received using an ACH direct debit system.


Payments are accepted by Money Order, Cashiers and Certified Checks mailed by the customer’s due date to:

Nigig, LLC dba DashCashUSA
PO Box 965
Lac Du Flambeau,WI 54538

Your full payment schedule will be included in your loan agreement. You can save money on the total cost of your loan by paying off your loan prior to your last due date on your payment schedule or by making additional payments on or between your payment due dates. You control how soon you wish to pay off your loan. There will not be any fees or penalties for prepayment.

If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover your payment, you will incur a $20 NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee. If your payment is 5 or more days late, you may incur a $20 late fee.

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